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Historical centre  • Piazza Matteotti

 Stradario Stradario Stradario Stradario When you’re visiting Sarzana, considered one of the fortress-towns built between the XV and the XVI century you can notice the doorposts, the under-eaves and the paving.

You can walk through the ancient Via Francigena represented by Via Bertoloni and Via Mazzini (the main street of the historical centre that goes from Porta Parma till Porta Romana).

Between the two streets there is Piazza Matteotti, known in the past as Piazza della Calcandola, where can be seen the Remedi palace, restored in the XVII century, the Podestà Lucciardi palace, the Town-hall palace, a typical sixteenth-century palace. When we cross Via Mazzini, on the left, we see the characteristic Via dei Fondachi and, on the right, we see the House-Tower belonged to Bonaparte.

In Via Mazzini there is also the church of Saint Andrew. In the past it was the baptistery of the town and the jurisdictional centre of the town hall. Following we find the Picedi Benedettini palace, characterized by its large windows with gratings in wrought iron, the Magni Griffi palace and the Bishop’s palace which is near Piazza Niccolò V where there is the St. Maria Assunta cathedral and the Neri palace, more far there is the Picedi palace.

We pass now in Piazza Calandrini, where in the past there was the market and where it starts via Mascardi and the embattled tower of St. Francis till to arrive at the church of St. Francis founded in the 1200.
If we return to via Mazzini and cross its final part we reach Piazza Garibaldi where there is the Impavidi theatre and we arrive to Porta Romana.

Very important is Via Cittadella, that follows the walls and goes beyond the Mercy Oratory ending at the Cittadella a fortress with a rectangular plan with cylindric embattled towers.

At last if we walk for two kilometres we reach the Fortress of Sarzanello, built in a strategical position to dominate the Low Lunigiana and where now it is possible to understand how it was the ancient town of Sarzana.


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